essential practices for the woman who is ready to reclaim her embodied truth, liberation and pleasure

it's time to feel...


Feeling complete & harmonious. Creating and amplifying unity within yourself.


All of your parts online. Alignment between mind, heart and body. Feeling at home in your body.


ALIVE, activated, and ignited system. The light switch inside is on and you're fully home.

living a WET life is about:

💦 honoring every part of yourself - the ones that want to be seen AND the ones that don’t
💦 choosing to be in a committed, intimate and loving relationship with YOU... your vibration naturally attracts and inspires others
💦 not judging yourself or worrying about what other people might think about you
💦 savoring and honoring each moment for what it IS vs trying to change or control it
💦 knowing how to embrace fear and change and letting it be a catalyst for EXPANSION and ABUNDANCE
💦 wholeheartedly believing in yourself and your gifts
💦 feeling safe enough to simply BE
💦 finally saying YES to your desires
💦 feeling free to express yourself fully

i see you, babe

You desire to go slow
You desire deep intimacy with your inner world
You desire to be IN LOVE with life
You desire to feel turned ON

Because you know that when you are able to truly surrender and be with yourself, you become a magnet for miracles.
Time collapses.
You become deeply connected to yourself, your body and your intuition.
You feel safe, open, understood and confident
You become unapologetically YOU
And you realize that the power to change your life was within you all along

I know you want that for yourself

I wanted it, too, for SO LONG.
I know what it feels like to feel locked out of your body, alone, numb and blah about life.

I spent years at war with myself. I tried to "fix" everything about myself, I judged myself so harshly, and I listened to my inner critic and fear voice ALL THE TIME.

I felt stuck, uneasy, and like I had to try really hard to fit in. I had no idea what I was meant to do and I was working a job that sucked the life out of me.

It wasn't until I found this work - until I chose to dive deep into the wisdom of my own body and learned how to meet myself with compassion, love and truth - that everything shifted for me.

Inside this portal are the practices that have completely changed my life and the lives of my clients

It is my intention that these practices will help you meet yourself FULLY in any moment, move through challenges with ease, alchemize stuck/heavy energy and emotions, receive more deeply and create a deeper connection to self so that you can live a LIBERATED and FULLY EXPRESSED life.

Are you ready?

What others are saying <3

Shanaya Seddighi

I just finished doing the grounding meditation practice and I’m feeling incredibly nourished, in my body and filled up by Mother Earth. Even ended up in tears towards the end of the meditation with feelings of immense relief & gratitude for being held by my body & by the earth. The energy is still reverberating through my body as I write this. I just started the program & already can’t thank you enough.

Kat Levy

When I got here (on vacation) I immediately felt so anxious, scared and stressed. So I did the 'Meeting Yourself Here' practice and here I am post practice. You really got me when you said "I've got you." I just started sobbing, And I loved celebrating with you at the end!!! Can't wait to do more. So happy I bought it!!

Allison Canales

Each practice I’ve listened to has brought me deeper in presence with my body and heart. Dissociating is a trauma response I’ve been working through and healing for years and immediately after Amanda’s practices I have felt a deeper presence and more ease navigating time’s throughout my day where I begin to disassociate. The energy of each practice felt intentional and safe for my nervous system to explore new layers of embodiment and expansion in being in my body.

Juliet Lippman

Woahhhh! The grounding meditation alone was worth it. It usually takes me a long ass time to ground before client calls - I tend to be in my head a lot. But your grounding meditation dropped me into my body by minute 2 and by minute 15, I was buzzing. I felt secure, stable, and lit up to lead my session. Thank you angel 😇🙏🏼 your work is magic. Excited to go back to it again and again!

Anonymous Goddess

So much healing and major, MAJOR shifts have already taken place. I plan on sharing them with you once I find the words and have fully wrapped my head around them. But just know I am forever grateful for you and for these sacred practices. I am still in complete awe.

Tricia F

For the first time, I've been able to fully feel safe to feel in my body. Feel sadness, happiness, joy, whatever. I've been able to acknowledge feelings and give them the attention they deserve rather than gloss over them and bury them. My days have been sprinkled with walks/hikes in nature, bike rides, dancing...for no particular reason other than to BE in the present moment. I've been feeling a newfound gratitude for myself and my body. Thank you Amanda!!

this is what you get to dive into:

13 beautiful, deep + potent guided practices that you can use right NOW (and for the rest of your life) to drop into your body (and out of your mind), understand yourself and your emotions better and feel relief, pleasure, joy and freedom.

Through WET, you will:
💦 Ground into your body + feel safe
💦 Remember your wholeness and reclaim your power
💦 Release and shift limiting beliefs in an embodied way
💦 Feel more whole, more like YOU
💦 Support and calm your nervous system
💦 Shift and move energy that's stuck or no longer serving you
💦 Open to receive more and more
💦 Alchemize emotions in real time! Learn how to be WITH your emotions and let them move through you, rather than getting stuck
💦 Safely process anger and rage. Ooooh yes! We are going there 🔥
💦 Learn a whole new way of living and being with yourself
💦 Fall deeper in love with your body and yourself

WET is...

  • Self-Paced

    You'll receive access to all practices right away so that you can dive right in NOW and have them in your pocket for the moments when they're truly needed.

  • Yours Forever

    Once you join, you'll have these practices FOREVER!
    This includes if I add any additional bonuses or update any of the practices in the future.

  • Potent + Powerful

    We get right into the juice with this. You won't spend hours listening to me talk and "teach" you. You'll drop into your own sacred body and let my voice guide you into the depths of YOU.


So much magic waiting for you inside!

    1. Welcome, love. Start Here.

    1. Intro: Grounding Meditation

    2. Grounding Meditation Practice

    1. Intro: Deep Belly Breath

    2. Deep Belly Breath Practice

    1. Intro: Calling Your Energy Back

    2. Calling Your Energy Back Practice

    1. Intro: Shake it off

    2. Shake It Off Practice

    1. Intro: Somatic Alchemy

    2. Somatic Alchemy Practice

Course details

  • $444.00
  • Over 4 hours of audio content
  • 13 powerful guided practices


Stop wondering how she’s so in her body, expressing herself unapologetically...
and lead yourself there

Come, my love...

Take my hand and let me guide you deeper.

You're here - on this earth and on this page - because you are meant to live your life fully expressed, ALIVE and free.

The magic that I bring is that I know you already have everything you need inside of you (and you know it, too). My gift is holding a safe, powerful and potent container for you to drop into your body easily and vibrate at a new frequency ✨

This offering is an invitation for you to melt into that knowing and let it open you from the inside. I know this path will lead to so much WETness, liberation and expansion for you if you let it.

I can't wait to meet you inside <3


  • How will the content be delivered?

    The practices are all delivered right up front in an online course format as soon as you sign up! You'll be able to log in to the course on your computer or phone browser any time. The practices are all downloadable, too!

  • How soon can I expect results?

    The answer to this is entirely up to you. You'll notice a shift immediately after doing any of the practices. AND once you devote to the path and commit to using these practices daily / regularly, the more your energy will shift and your life will change <3

  • Do you offer refunds or a money back guarantee?

    Because you are granted access to all of the content immediately upon signing up, there is no money back guarantee. If you're not seeing results or something isn't working for you please email me [email protected] and I will make it right. Your satisfaction is important to me!

  • What if I'd like more support?

    If you'd like more personalized support with these practices or getting more deeply connected to yourself, then I invite you to reach out. I work with a select few women at a time 1:1 and have group containers as well. Please email me [email protected] to so we can chat about the right next step for you.